Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ahhh...finally time to Relax!

Woo-hoooo!!! Going to the beach...leaving tomorrow and will return Monday!Finally some much needed one on one time with DH and some fun in the sun with the kiddos. Hopefully it won't rain on our parade this time (*fingers crossed*).... like it did last time.We have a birthday celebration to attend for my Nonnie...since its not polite to reveal a ladies "true" age we'll just say shes in her late 80's and very spunky!!I can only hope if and when I hit her age,I am the same.;)

To all you ladies of know who you are...don't get to wild without me! LOL.I'll continue featuring you awesome ladies that I haven't made it to yet upon my return...may even have time to squeeze one of you in tomorrow before we hit the road. ;)


  1. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!
    Ok, Kansas is a bit out of the way, so have fun without me. :)

  2. We'll be on our best behaviour until you return!

    Have an amazing time girly!!

  3. note to self...first stop Kansas...picking up Mic! lol.

    Thanks girls! ;)

  4. crossing fingers for no rain this time!

    have fun!