Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Butterflies? Who,ME!?

'myspaceAs my first ever public showing and sale of my hand-crafted items comes near...the 7th to be exact....butterflies gather in my tummy.'myspaceI mean I've sold to locals before,but my items have never been on display for a crowd as large as expected for this function.All week long I've been telling all my fellow designers and friends,"I'm like a one woman sweatshop!" Pushing myself to sew a little more each night...gotta get ready....the big day is almost here!!!...and now all the "what if's" are taking over.EEEKKKK!'myspace

With family and friends by my side,I'm sure I'll lose the pre-sale jitters and represent Posh Piggy Couture and the GWBG to the fullest!!'myspace