Thursday, July 12, 2007

My "GNOME-Girl" Mic of GWBG!

Looking for cute hair accessories that aren't like all the others?? Then....Check out these adorable Pony O's created by my "gnome-girl" Michele (aka Mic) of MJD Boutique,which I might add is home of the *ORIGINAL* Gnome ouchless ponytail holders!! Her placement of fabric is so precise,not just thrown together.You get the actual the two little guys "Ray" and "Ollie" pictured above,not just "Ray's" hat or "Ollie's" butt.(lol)
These ponytail holders are the best! and yes,I can say that because my DD and I own a few of them....The *ORIGINAL* Sock Monkey set and the ever so cute coming and going Goldfish.We love 'em,especially being as they're OUCHLESS!!