Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Help Support the Cause:

My new friend Katie of http://www.katieskreations.etsy.com/ has taken it upon herself to join in the DC 3 day that she will be walking on October 3,4, and 5 of 2008. If you are unfamiliar with this fundraiser you can read more about it at: www.the3day.org. In a nutshell it is a 3 day 60 mile walk to raise funds for breastcancer. She has pledged to raise $2200 by that date. As of March 4th 2008, she has officially signed up and am now accepting donations.
She has opened a second store called the 3 day which you can find within the etsy community at http://www.the3day.etsy.com/
There you can purchase the above pictured pendants and more to help support the cause.
This whole idea of doing the 3-day started with a fellow Etsyian who approached her to make some products for her own fundraiser. She is a lovely person who Katie admires for all of her fundraising efforts. She lost her cousin and grandmother to this terrible disease. Within 24 hours of her initial contact, Katie's own cousin (out of the blue) called her to ask if she would join her on this 60 mile journey. Seems like fate to me...said Katie,so here she is raising funds for to help find a cure for a horrible diesease that takes so many beautiful lives each year.

"I have one other driving force, being the mother of four beautiful healthy lovely little girls, I need to do all I can to ensure this disease never effects them. Hopefully, there will be a CURE in the not too distant future," says Katie.

Here's what you can do:**Purchase one of the items from her shop. Wow, that's pretty easy! Within each listing there will be a very specific description of how much is going directly towards her fundraiser and how much is being put aside for Etsy and Paypal fees. So, by purchasing an item from Katie, you are making a direct donation to the 3 day. In fact, your name and town, state (if you so choose) will be included on her donor list so that you can see your donation in action. So, in reality 100% of the proceeds are going directly to the cause, I'm not taking anything out for cost of materials or labor. :)**
Or, if you so choose, you can just forgoe the purchase and make a direct donation to the cause at this link(cut and paste this url):
Or you can go to www.the3day.org and do a search for - Katie Mammola
and help make a difference in the lives of woman all over the world fighting this disease.


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