Monday, January 12, 2009

Cafe Cuffs by Posh Piggy are here!!! CONTEST TOO!!!

As we are well aware custom beverage sleeves are the one of the latest, popular accessories and .....

Posh Piggy is proud to offer these reusable, eco-friendly, custom Cafe Cuffs allowing your disposable coffee cup to be as stylish and unique as you or the person receiving them.Available in several high quality, designer prints, there's sure to be one to fit your personality.

Each cuff is:

*Insulated...great for hot or cold beverages

*Machine sewn,top stitched, and given a velcro closure & custom Posh Piggy Couture label

*Fits standard disposable coffee cups from 12 oz. to 20 oz.

*100% machine or hand washable and I suggest for drying,to lay flat and air dry. Press if necessary to remove any wrinkles. ;)

*Make great gifts
Also, in light of Roz's(Crazy* Couture) contest to give away one of her awesome deco kits and my adding this new product to my etsy shop, I thought I'd do a contest to give away a free
Cafe Cuff!!!
Just leave a comment on this post about why you just have to have one of my Cafe Cuffs and you could be the lucky winner!!!!
The contest will last all week and end on Friday,January 16th.A winner will be drawn and posted Saturday, January 17th!!!
So let's get those comments a rollin' !!!
*****Contest open to residents of the US and Canada only*****


  1. If that's the type of cuff you are offering: THEN CUFF ME.


    Thanks for letting me know about the contest. You need to email me and set up a promo on my mommydaze message board. Your stuff is way cool and trendy mommys should not be without. I'd love to advertise you as one of my sponosors!!

    Also I have a small contest tooo!! For some new books. Not as TOTALLY CUTE as your cuffs.. but still FREE!!

  2. I would Love to win a Cafe Cuff! I would flaunt it off to all I know and hopefully get you in some buisness :)

    They are just adorable and what an excellent idea!


  3. I work with kindergartners, so I need coffee. And I might as well look cute drinking it!
    Love the cuffs, LA! - Mic

  4. What a great idea! I am a HUGE coffee drinker! could drink it all day long so this would be perfect for me to look a little "cuter" while doing it! ~jenn

  5. My official residence is Starbucks. Sad to say they know me by name there. Not only are LA's Cafe Cuffs THE cutest accessory and most essential coffee "bling", but they would be the most perfect disguise for my Sbux cup - which I desperately have to hide from my hubby so he is not aware of my serious addiction!

    With your fab Cafe Cuffs, I could just leave my cup out in the open and no-one would be the wiser - he, he, he!

  6. These cafe cuffs are precious! I love all your designs especially the brown fabric with the bird. I would leave it in the car and drive around in style with my hot coffee! Fun giveaway.... thanks! -- Therese

  7. Who wouldn't want to win something from Leigh Ann?!? Anything you design is a sure winner and always beautiful!!!

  8. Thanks for all the wonderful response to the contest ladies!

    All the comments are so very sweet & very much appreciated! You ladies are awesome!

    LOL KT, girl you are crazy! :P

  9. I love it! I'm a starbucks addict and it would look perfect on my cup. :) Great job on coming up with these Cafe Cuffs. Such an awesome idea.

  10. These are fabulous!! The Cafe Cufffs are so creative and the patterns you have are SO my style!! I love that you can also reuse them!(unlike the cups)!!

    These are so ADORABLE GIRL!!

    They would also make a great gift for the coffee lovers in our lives!!

  11. Love Leigh Ann's stuff! Coffee will be flowing in this house next month once our newest addition arrives. It would be great for my coffee cup to look stylish while I look sleep deprived. ;)

  12. O I would LOVE to have one of these cuffs!! They are sooo super cute and I would be the poshest chick around drinking my cup of coffee in style!! I sure hope I win!! ;)


  13. Oh, I must have one! I stop at Timmy H every morning on my way to work. If I could slip one of these over my cup, it would make drinking my coffee so much more enjoyable.

  14. How about the windchill here is negative 20 and my hands are freeezing! A hot cup of coffee is what I am on my way to get but alas the hot cup is too hot for these frozen hands to handle! Love the cuffs and I drink lots of coffee!

  15. These are so cute. I would love to win one. :) We drink tons of coffee. My mom would love them too. I will have to tell her.