Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eeek! Mornin' Already?!

So I got no sleep last night.Up until about 4 am this morning,unable for the life of me to fall asleep.....not so great for the designing aspect of my life, nor the domestic goddess in me, or any other part of my busy,every day life of being a Stay at Home/Work at Home Mom.

I sooooo just want to lie back down and have a little more shut eye BUT,as all of us mom's know...NOT GONNA HAPPEN! LOL! My daughter is terrorizing the blinds 2 feet away from me, as I type, thinking of what we'll have for lunch,and play a game of "I Looove my Maadiii, I Looove my Mooommyy" with my 3 year old going on time for rest in this house! HA!

Anyway, being as I've accomplished pretty much nothing today thus far today, I did want to share with you a few things while my sleep deprived mind allows me....

The latest launch from SANDBOX COUTURE entitled

Also, check out this adorable little apron offered by eBay's Queen*Bree*Designs

Isn't it just yummy?! So cute for the little helper in your life and the imagination when playing pretend.I just love this!
Be sure and check out all the sweet finds offered from this talented designer

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