Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's In-store for 2009....

Ok, so I guess I'm a little late with the New Year but, better late than never...I guess. ;)
I can't believe the holidays have come and gone so quickly and we're already into 2009! Seems like time is flying by.

I'm taking my Spring designs in a whole new direction.As you can see from the pic below of my "Bohemian Dream" dress, I'm leaving behind a bit of the whimsy and going for a more Boho/ Flea Market Chic style & lots of color for the season....of course minus the tights and fur lined boots, though this is just a sneek peek.

Also, I'm proud to announce the 3rd launch in progress for Peppermint Lane....
Due to launch in February, so be sure and check back for the actual launch date.
Search PPLN on eBay to find beautiful boutique clothing & accessories by our awesome designers.Pictures provided by the equally talented photograhper mom's of Peppermint Lane Model Mom Lounge.

Be sure and search SANDBOX BOUTIQUE on eBay as well for many more amazingly talented designers from the boutique community

click logo to preview where fashion plays
and all designers of sandbox couture

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